Drop your pup off in the morning to exercise and socialize with other dogs and pick up a tired & happy pet who’s ready to go home and relax with you after a long day. We group dogs according to temperament and provide a large, safe outdoor play area for them to explore. On warm days we provide wading pools for a fun way to keep them busy and cool!

We encourage you to review our complete pricing, and the facility’s boarding and daycare policies at the following link: Price List and Facility Terms.


  • 5-Day Pass $70.00 (save $20.00)
  • 10-Day Pass $130.00 (save $50.00)
  • 20-Day Pass $220.00 (save $140.00)
  • 30-Day Pass $300.00 (save $240.00)

For your pets to become eligible for the Doggy Daycare service, they must go through an initial evaluation which includes a behavior assessment report. All applicable forms for the service you need can be found here.

PHONE: (910) 426-5700    

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